Celebrating Joys – Day 16


Today is World Water Day…an important day all around the world but especially in Southern California as we continue to endure an extreme drought. I think for most of us that don’t live in a developing nation, we hardly even think twice about turning on the water and having something come out or being able to use a toilet that operates fully on running water. It’s something we’ve had for a long time, it’s a part of our daily life, so we don’t give it a second thought.

The reality is though, billions of people all over the world don’t even have access to clean water and they especially don’t have access to running water. A toilet might be a hole in the ground for them and bathing has to take place in a nearby body of water, if there is one. Women and children often have to walk miles with heavy buckets on their backs or shoulders just to get to a water supply to bring back to their villages, and sometimes that water isn’t even that clean.

We try to conserve as best we can in my house but it’s also never lost on me how extremely fortunate we are to even have running water, drought or no drought. Every time I step into that shower, I’m appreciative of the fact I even have a shower to use in the first place, and that it has running water. A lot of us, when we’re expressing our gratitude for what we have, we say we’re thankful for food on our tables and roofs over my head and without a doubt I know how grateful I am for those. But I most definitely want to add access to running water to that list and I want people all over the world to be able to have that on their gratitude list as well.

For ways you can help give countries in need access to clean, running water check out these links:

The Water Project

The Thirst Project


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