Celebrating Joys – Day 19


I love copy editing and proofreading so much, it’s hard for me to imagine sometimes that other people don’t enjoy burying their face in a pile of content looking for errors and formatting issues. But man do I. I first realized it in college. I was a Creative Writing major which, of course, entailed a lot of writing. While I always enjoyed the writing part (just not the writing deadlines), I realized that I love reading my classmates’ work and trying to improve those with my own corrections. And I’ve been proofreading ever since. I’m very lucky that I have 2 jobs where a large portion of what I do is proofreading/copy editing. It sounds so dorky, but it gives me such a thrill.

I’m not always sure of the things I’m good at and it was a struggle growing up feeling like I wasn’t good at anything (especially since I couldn’t do sports or anything physical like my peers), but I know that proofreading is something I excel at. And don’t worry, I’ll only mentally correct your grammar 🙂


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