Celebrating Joys – Day 20


I’m sure many people are going to go “Really?” when they read this one but no, you’re eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. I actually enjoy cleaning…most cleaning anyway. I hate vacuuming mostly because I’m forever getting tangled in the cord or the cord finds its way under my bed or around some sort of nook and cranny that it’s impossible to get out of. I’m completely my dad’s daughter in this way but there’s just something about cleaning that feels so good. I think it’s because you can actually see results. After you dust something, there’s no longer any dust on it. If you clean off your desk or get rid of clothes in your closet, you’re faced with a nice clutter-free desk or closet.

I, like every other kid, hated cleaning and chores but now that I’m adult, I appreciate it much more. It really feels not just like a cleanse for the house, but a cleanse for me too. It’s something I can do that will help me clear my head or will distract me when I need distracting from the thoughts in my head. There’s just something that feels so good about staring at a clean kitchen floor or getting into your freshly washed sheets.

Sundays tend to be my biggest cleaning day too so I’m feeling very cleansed today 🙂

*photo credit: Hard Work via photopin (license)


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