Celebrating Joys – Day 21


Genetics are a fascinating thing. I think we all see qualities we’ve inherited from various people in our family. Sometimes those are good qualities; sometimes they’re bad. Sometimes we’re afraid to turn into one or both of our parents. But sometimes you have this cool metamorphosis when you notice you’re starting to exhibit qualities you’ve always admired in not just your parents, but your grandparents.

I’ve always admired that my grandma is so outspoken (though she sometimes has a hard time differentiating between what’s honest and what’s mean, bless her heart). I’ve always been the complete opposite but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that some of that unabashed outspokenness has started creeping it’s way in. Sometimes I don’t always do it in a nice way myself but when I’m able to use it to call people out for wrongdoings, being rude, etc., I’m proud of myself. It’s hard coming from a background of never wanting to create waves or have someone dislike me. To this day, even when I do speak up, I still get that pit in my stomach afterwards sometimes, wondering what everyone might think of me for saying it. But the more I do it, the more automatic it’s becoming. I don’t know that I ever want to get to a point where I just say whatever I think because based on some of the people in life I’ve known, having a filter and knowing when to say what is a valuable personality trait.

Regardless, however slow growing it may be, thanks for this quality Grandma!


*photo credit: A macchiato at Amor Perfecto via photopin (license)


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