Celebrating Joys – Day 22

Joys Day 22

I recently acquired the Bose speaker you see in the photo above. I try very hard not to be a materialistic person (and especially not to post about some new thing I just bought) but I can’t deny that this little teal box brings me a lot of joy. I would never shell out the $100+ it costs to buy it at the store. I actually saved up my American Express cash back dollars so I could get it (sort of) for free. So it felt like a personal triumph to begin with, knowing I saved up enough to get one.

I love music, always have. Both of my parents have very different taste in music but somehow I inherited each of their tastes (with the exception of Randy Travis…sorry Mom). From Simon and Garfunkel to The Beatles. I even converted my Dad into a No Doubt fan many years ago. Growing up and feeling isolated from my peers because of my MD, music always made me feel understood. It was always an escape. I had trouble relating to the more romantic-themed songs but I hoped someday I would have that special someone to be able to think about when I heard those songs come on. Conversely, after a heartbreak there’s nothing quite as cathartic as sitting in your room, squeezing your pillow belting it out along with Adele (and sounding absolutely nothing like her).

Music is still a very important part of my life. I couldn’t do without my “Upbeat Heat” playlist on the drive to and from work. And now that I have the smooth sounds of my Bose speaker, I love coming home, turning it on and cranking up my music to unwind. Whether I’m listening to it while I’m blogging (as I’m doing right now) or putting my laundry away, the sounds of my favorite song flowing through the house brings me an immense sense of calm and of course, of joy.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Joys – Day 22

  1. Jackie, thank you for your blog post. Music is such a powerful form of therapy. Some days (the more upbeat days) the melody is my therapy and some days (the more melancholy ones) the words are what I connect with. Music just has a way of expressing what we in that exact moment cannot. Thank you for your post.


    1. Thank you for your amazing comment Emily! You single-handedly summed up what I was trying to say in an entire blog post in just a few sentences. Couldn’t agree more. šŸ™‚

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