Celebrating Joys – Day 23

Can’t believe how fast 30 days is already approaching (or that it’s already April for that matter). Today’s joy came rather unexpectedly. It was kind of a frustrating day and I wasn’t feeling great about a lot of things but as I sat at a red light at an intersection, I just thought to myself, “I made it. I made through today.”

It’s probably easy to tell from my previous posts that I’m not very good at tackling frustrating days. I usually let them pull me down too easily. But I managed to bounce back today and was overcome with a giant wave of happiness when I realized I had in fact made it through the frustration and came out the other side unscathed. The day still isn’t over of course but I think I’ll probably make it through water aerobics class unscathed too 🙂

(The little mini joy for today: using a free reward to get a Starbucks Protein Box today. So good!)



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