Celebrating Joys – Day 25


I was in my Friday night water aerobics class when a Beatles song began to play. We were nearing the end of the class, but instantly, everyone perked up and started to sing along. It’s worth noting that there’s a pretty large age range of people in the typical water aerobics class. I’m usually one of the youngest but there are all kinds of people of various ages that come. So it made me smile that we were all unified by this one thing; this one band. I know, of course, not everyone loves The Beatles, but for the most part, they really seem to have a way of speaking to everyone. Whether it be people like my mom who watched them perform on the Ed Sullivan Show when they were just starting to become really famous in the States. Or my dad who just likes their music and grew up listening to it. I don’t know exactly when I myself became a full-blown Beatles fanatic but I think it started just hearing them on the radio playing in my dad’s car as a kid. Then, when I saw The Beatles: Love in Las Vegas for my birthday about 5 years ago, my love went to a whole new level. I even read a biography on John Lennon that was over 300 pages.

But it always really moves me to see how many other people share in that love of this same band and how that love has continued to be passed on for so many generations. This is similar to my post from the other day about the healing power of music but it’s equally as incredible how much music has the power to bring us together. Somehow, The Beatles managed to perfect the art of doing that for us all.


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