Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick


With the onset of social media and the ability to share anything about ourselves an any given time or anywhere, there have been some interesting consequences. One of those things, that’s also something I struggle with myself, is determining the line between arrogance and positivity/inspiration. I find myself posting things on here that I have a moment of hesitation about because I feel like they might be too boasting or arrogant. It’s great to share when you’re happy or share what you feel are words of wisdom, but it’s not a far cry from that to “I’m better than everyone else because I’m doing this or feel this way”. There’s a big difference between sharing to try help others and sharing because you’re trying to show everyone how awesome you are.

This may seem funny and even somewhat hypocritical since I’m an author of not one, but two blogs, but my general philosophy in life is that you should walk softly and carry a big stick. I’m sure many people disagree but for me, that means you don’t really need to announce every little about yourself to the world (getting to know friends and things like that is different of course). It’s ok not to proclaim your every belief from the rooftop all the time. You don’t have to share your opinion every single time you have one. You don’t need to tell everyone about all the good things or nice gestures you do.  That doesn’t mean being passive. That doesn’t mean letting people treat you poorly. It just means being humble and knowing when and where to do those things. Your actions and behavior should speak for you most of the time, not your mouth. And when you need to use that big stick, you can do so.

So by that premise, I’m basically doing the opposite by blogging about myself. I’ve really enjoyed doing these Celebrating Joys days too but I’ve had moments where I’ve felt like maybe it’s too much. Maybe I’m rubbing it in too many people’s faces or trying to prove myself too much to the outside world. I’ve heard from people it’s actually helped them reflect and look at the joys in their life and that’s what I always hope comes out of the things I post. That somewhere, someone takes something positive away from it. But I want to make sure I’m always keeping the boasting in check. Just being says so much more than just speaking.

*photo credit: Coucher du soleil, Broadford, île de Skye, Ross and Cromarty, Highland, Ecosse, Grande-Bretagne, Royaume-Uni. via photopin (license)

2 thoughts on “Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick

  1. Good afternoon Jackie!
    Wow! i thought your blog was well said. I myself is fond believer that we should celebrate our accomplishments while being humble. Often times, people have misinterpretation of sharing your knowledge as, “bragging” but their intentions are to help others. I believe that reflecting our joyous moments helps mature as individual. Lastly, I like your metaphor, “walk soft while carrying a big stick”. This quote reminded me how I should treat my future patients.

    In the future I may encounter a patient who has a different perspective than I do. It doesn’t mean i should i be passive, but to be humble and knowing when and where to voice out my opinions.
    Just wanted to thank you for sharing your kind thoughts & hope to hear more inspiring words from you soon!

    -Patricia Bandera

    1. Hi Patricia! Thank you very much for your positive feedback on this post and for sharing your thoughts. Walk softly and carry a big stick has always been a favorite famous quote of mine 🙂

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