Just Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance

Ok so a) I love Justin Timberlake. He’s uber talented but most importantly, he’s just hilarious. If you haven’t watched him host SNL ever, you’re missing out. But I digress. Point b) is that I absolutely love this song and video. It makes me feel just all kinds of happy vibes.

Dancing has always been a touchy subject for me. I don’t really like doing it and haven’t really done it very much in my life. Most of that stems from my having MD. I can’t move my legs like other people so even though I actually have pretty good rhythm, it’s hard for me. I slow danced with my date at my high school prom. I think I may have busted a few moves at Winter Formal one year. I went to see an awesome 80s cover band with some friends a few years ago and I was very proud of myself because for the first time ever, I danced totally sober. And I mean danced.

But my go-to response to dancing is to sit on the sidelines or even to refuse people who ask me. I care less and less what people think of me as I get older but for some reason, dancing is still that one thing I have trouble shaking the self-consciousness on. I remember one time I was at a bar and I just kind of danced in my seat to whatever song came on and a girl across the bar started making fun of me (I later got made fun of in that same bar for the way I talked. Needless to say, haven’t been back there in a while). People can be assholes, that’s a given. And I shouldn’t let it affect my ability to let loose, but that kind of stuff stays with you (as is made clear by the fact I’m retelling it to you now).

I hope one day I’ll get to a point where I can dance freely and not care one iota what people are thinking of me. Dancing is kind of an interesting representation of who I am. I’m a little uptight and a lot afraid of a lot of things. Letting loose isn’t something I do well. But maybe, just maybe, I can dance dance dance dance.

3 thoughts on “Just Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance

  1. Hi, I always try to read your article and believe me I can totally relate myself. I always want to dance like other people do but because of my MD , I can’t move much. But somehow I try to enjoy it at my own self. Today when I read your article, I feel nostalgic and I just remembered the moments when I danced. It is a good article. I think we should have conversations, if you are comfortable. Thanks.

  2. You are not the only one on earth who is self-conscious about dancing. I think people can dance with abandon or not. I’m a not. I am a marvelous chair dancer however, but even so, have gotten hundreds of “what the hell is that woman in the Passat doing?” sneers. People can be real jerks–you’re not, so you win. Dance dance dance!

    1. People can be real jerks! We judge people for not letting go enough and then make fun of them when they do. Chair/car seat dancing is a true art form dammit! I never used to sing or dance along in my car before but that’s one thing I’ve grown to get comfortable with. I preface that by saying I never look around me when I do it though so as to not see the same sneers you speak of or the looks of judgment. Sometimes ignorance is bliss on that type of thing. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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