Positivity Project – Day 5

Mindy Kaling Is Everyone

I did a book review a while back after having read Mindy Kaling’s 2nd book Why Not Me? Being that I apparently like to read books in the reverse order in which they were published and thanks to a recommendation of a reader here, I recently finished her 1st book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? 

I think people might often dismiss her two books as just light or humorous reads but for me, both of them meant a lot more than that. Yes, they were both funny and no they’re not Heart of Darkness (thank god for that) but they’re profound in that they’re insanely relate-able. For any girl who ever felt different or who didn’t look like what society deems to be “beautiful”, Mindy’s story will ring very true. I think there’s some everyone can relate to though, even if you look like Adriana Lima and happened to never feel different.

In this her 1st book, Mindy really helped put some relationship stuff in perspective for me. She gave me some light bulb moments on some choices I’d made in the past when it came to who I dated and how that didn’t line up at all with what I really want in a partner. Even having just one moment like that from reading a book I think makes it worth it. Plus, she does make you laugh a whole lot and we could all use just a little more laughter these days.

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