Positivity Project – Day 6

I will admit, when I first heard of Snapchat and downloaded it for myself, I thought it was pretty pointless. Why did I need to send my friends pictures that would disappear in 3 seconds? The original intention for it (which I’m not going to explain here…Google people) made a lot more sense actually.

I recently redownloaded it though and I have to say, I now get the allure a lot more. I still think it’s better to just text your friend a picture but they have these amazing filters that change everyday that can make you look like anything from an animal to a cowboy. It’s seriously one of the most entertaining things. I’ve been using it to send silly selfies back and forth with one of my best friends and every time I see one pop up from her or do one myself, it makes me laugh and it makes me smile.

Perhaps I should do a smokey eye more often

Also, if you haven’t discovered Bitmoji, it’s another one of my “all about the little things” happiness-givers. You basically make an animated version of your self (you get to pick the face, hair, eyes, clothes, etc.) that then comes in all kinds of emoji forms. I even got my parents to start using them. I thank my friend who introduced me to this wonderful invention profusely.


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