Positivity Project – Day 7

Ok so day 7 is coming many many days after day 6. I’ve been really busy these past few days so I didn’t get a chance to post. But one my biggest inspirations came from a good friend last week.

I won’t share all of the details as it’s his story to tell but the basic gist of it was that he befriended a homeless man (who turned out to be our age) that he often saw sitting outside of Costco where he lives. It started with buying him pizza and a soda and then turned into conversations which turned into them forming an actual friendship.

I was so completely inspired by his story as both a human being and as someone who is trying to get better with the way in which I handle encounters with homeless people. The sentiment this man my friend conveyed is that main thing so many of homeless want (and deserve) is to be treated like a human being. Not ignored. Not treated like nuisance. It’s not just about giving them money or buying them food, it’s about treating them like people…which they are and which I think so many of us often forget. They had/have parents and families. My friend took him to a local restaurant and he was so moved to be in a real restaurant again, with someone who was genuinely interested in him and his life on top of that.

When my friend shared this incredible story where he did just that, I was beyond moved. I get caught up in my own fear sometimes or old habits of ignoring them instead of engaging with them but his story gave me a great push to finally sit and talk with someone the next time I want to. Yes I’m female and I have a disability so just like with anyone (homeless or not), I have to be careful but I think we all have a pretty good gut feeling about these things.

But my friend’s story is about so much more than me. It’s something I think we all could stand to hear right now in a time where it seems sometimes like no one is doing any good deeds. Where people are insistent on spreading hate and instilling violence than loving one another. There are still good people out there, doing good things. I’m very lucky one of those people happens to be one of my friends.

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