Positivity Project – Day 11

DSC00664Despite not being able to do a lot of outdoors activities, I actually like being outside quite a bit. One of my favorite things to do is go on a walk around the area I live in. Walking alone is a more and more precarious endeavor the older I get because if I fall, I don’t have anyone to help me up. It’s also not generally that safe to be a disabled female walking alone anywhere in this world, as sad as that is. So I have to keep walks short but no matter how short, they always have a way of lifting my mood. Being outside, feeling the sun shine down on you, watching the world go about their day. It helps I live in a pretty area too with lots to walk to so when I actually get out their and experience it, I’m always filled with immense gratitude.

One thought on “Positivity Project – Day 11

  1. Jackie,

    I really enjoyed this post. I can relate to the passion and desire of spending time outside. Just spending a few moments outside can help bring a peaceful state of mind after a long day. It’s amazing that the little things, as you mention just a short walk in a beautiful neighborhood, can completely change the momentum of a long day. Nature and the pure beauty of our planet is an amazing thing that we can always look to when we are looking for things to appreciate and be grateful for. I really enjoy reading your post, and this one really helped remind me to be appreciative of the little things.

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