Positivity Project – Day 13

This may sound strange but Tuesday has become one of my favorite days of the week. Yes it’s still very far away from Friday but there are 2 reasons it’s my favorite: Anna Faris is Unqualified and We Paid to See This. Two of the most hilarious, make-your-day-great podcasts I’ve ever listened to.

I had never listened to a single podcast before until I got bored with listening to music at work so I opened up the elusive Podcast app on my phone. And so my journey with podcasts began. Unqualified was the only the 2nd podcast I had ever listened to but I was immediately hooked. It’s hilarious, heartwarming (very R-rated sometimes too), genuine, and I love it. Anna Faris just seems like one of the sweetest people on the planet and every once and a while Chris Pratt will make an appearance.

We Paid to See This comes to you from the lead singer of Savage Garden, Darren Hayes and his friend Anthony Armentano. Savage Garden’s music was the soundtrack to so much of my life. It makes me smile to hear his voice coming out of my headphones every week. This isn’t your standard movie review podcast either. It’s very lighthearted and the two of them see some interesting movies and documentaries, not just the big blockbusters.

I was busy at work today with meetings and had to leave early to get yet another medical issue checked out, but knowing that I have these to finish tomorrow makes me look forward to Wednesday now too.

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