Positivity Project – Day 15

The thing about being positive is sometimes you have those days where you just can’t be positive. You’re tired of trying…trying to be healthy, trying to figure out what ailment your body has decided to give you this month, trying to work hard, trying to be nice but not too nice, trying to be a better communicator, trying to be more friendly, trying not to be so scared but still be cautious. Trying to be everything to everyone. Sometimes you just want to throw your middle finger up at trying and at being positive.

I think it was in Joy with Jennifer Lawrence where she says “life doesn’t owe you anything”. This is unfortunately true. It doesn’t owe us anything and as a result, good people get punished and bad people get rewarded. Hard work goes unnoticed. You still get sick or have health problems no matter what you eat or how much you work out. Being nice means people walk all over you. Keeping a straight face means people think you’re a bitch. You can communicate as clear as day but people still won’t listen. You can be super friendly and the barista at Starbucks will still be nice to every single person but you.

So now you’re probably wondering where the positivity is in this positivity post. When you have days like this there may not feel like there’s anything positive. There may not be. But you grab a glass of wine (or a beverage of your choice), turn on some Gilmore Girls (or TV show of your choice), put on your comfiest pajamas, call a friend or family member, and relish in the fact that tomorrow is another day and another possibility for some potential positivity. As Buddhism wisely states, nothing is permanent…and this includes shitty days, crappy circumstances, and not being able to scrape up some positivity.

2 thoughts on “Positivity Project – Day 15

  1. Hi Jackie,
    While going through your blog, I was naturally drawn to your daily inspiration tab, since I also often write down inspiration notes for myself in a journal. I love that you incorporated this topic in your blog as a reminder to keep hope alive during the rough patches in life. This post in particular stood out to me because it is SO relatable and actually made me giggle. You are so right in describing how life and people can throw such curveballs when you are trying so hard to stay positive. I think “life doesn’t owe you anything” is so spot on. Sometimes it feels like life is actually working against you! However, even after having a day(s) like this, I love that you ended with thinking about the brand new tomorrow to look forward to. I think that’s really important and something that I will always try to remind myself. Thank you so much for sharing this! You are so awesome and inspiring.

  2. Hi Jackie,
    I’ve been reading through your daily inspiration posts, and this one in particular caught my attention. I loved how honest and transparent this post is! You speak freely and keep it real. I believe all of us can relate to having those days where nothing seems to go right or be good enough. Everything falls short. We all have these days and it’s easy to forget that we have the opportunity to start fresh tomorrow. It’s a reminder I certainly needed. There’s something so comforting in knowing we’re not alone in these feelings. So thank you for sharing your feelings and insights. You really never know when something you say, is exactly what someone else is needing to hear in that moment. So keep sharing your thoughts and inspiring others!

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