Positivity Project -Day 19


So as you can tell by now, this positivity project has no real set parameters. I’m not even sure when I’ll stop doing it, but that’s the joy in not always planning every thing out (which for me, is insanely difficult). I’ll just see where it takes me 🙂

I have yet another ultrasound coming up on Friday but despite that, I’m feeling really good. I’m really not worrying too much about it. I may not find out the results until I’m on my way to France but at least I’ll be with my parents and know that I have a great trip ahead.

Even better, my best friend will be coming out to visit me for my birthday which is going to include a trip to Disneyland….on my actual birthday! I’ve been there many times but never actually on my birthday and she and I have been going since we were kids so I can’t wait. This year is really going to be filled with a lot of time spent with loved ones (I’ll be going out to Texas this year too for the first time in almost a decade to see family and friends). The medical stuff piling up all the time is annoying but I know I’m so lucky to be surrounded with so many great people and so much love along the way.

As the quote above says, everything is temporary, including the bad. There may be some grey skies and some rainy days, but there’s always a rainbow and sunshine to look forward to.

2 thoughts on “Positivity Project -Day 19

    1. Thanks Wendy. I’m going to try my very best! I tend to be a very stressed out traveler for a lot of reasons but I’m going to try just enjoy every moment and take it as it comes.

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