Lessons Volume III

There are a couple of very important things I’ve learned of late / am trying to remember to apply on a day-to-day basis.

  1. You can’t fight asshole with asshole: What does such a profane statement possibly mean you ask? It means I’ve come to realize you can’t always try to squash out people being assholes by being an asshole yourself. An excellent example of this is road rage. I get very upset when people drive like assholes and after two cars totaled at the hands of someone else, I think I’ve earned the right to get mad about it. However, my being an asshole back and honking and flailing my arms is sadly not likely to make the other person any less of an asshole themselves. And sometimes the other person may have just made an honest mistake in which case my being an asshole is only making them feel bad. There are actually many ways this can be applied in my life I’ve realized. It doesn’t mean you have to be nice to an asshole but you can avoid stooping to their level at least.
  2. Karma usually takes care of things: This one is hard because sometimes it seems like karma takes for-ever. But in my general experience, it does its work eventually. People who seem to be getting things they don’t deserve. Bad people being rewarded. Good people not being rewarded. As someone who wants to be able to control everything, this is an especially important one. It’s hard for me to let go and trust that things will work out how they should but it’s also a relief sometimes to remove the tight grip and trust that karma will take care of things.

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