I <3 the 90s

Something kind of awesome has been happening lately…the 90s are back. Remember the teeny tiny backpacks? Yep those are back.

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The flannel shirt tied around your waist? Yep, that’s back too. The Backstreet Boys are performing again. Hanson is doing an anniversary tour. Sugar Ray, Everclear and Lit went on a summer tour last year. You can even buy Gelly Rolls again.

The 90s were an important time for a lot of people my age. It’s the decade we remember and are emotionally tied to the most. Despite my MD, I was still very lucky to have a pretty idyllic childhood, most of which fell in the 1990s. So for me, all of this stuff “coming back” is very comforting (and also makes me feel very old, but that’s a blog for another time). It’s great to hear those songs that were along with me for the ride as I was growing up. Oftentimes I can still remember hearing the songs for the first time. I can remember where I was and what I was doing. I remember the music videos. I remember my walls plastered with Hanson posters (that’s right…no shame). I remember when we were all trying to decided if we were Team BSB or Team NSync. Clueless was the movie. Decorating your binder with pictures and stickers was the thing to do.

As we grow up, there are a lot of positives but things also tend to get more and more difficult. Along with the freedom of adulthood comes a lot of extra responsibility, a lot of extra things to figure out, a lot of challenges. These past few weeks have been ones of change and challenge for me again. Lots of “adulting” to be had as the kids say these days. So I love the ability to tap into that nostalgia, especially when it’s so very present still now. It’s nice to get transported back to when times were a little more simple. When all I had to worry about was getting up for school the next week and if that cute boy in my class liked me. When we had almost 3 months of summer vacation.

I know this 90s nostalgia that’s popped back into pop culture won’t last forever. Some other decade will roll back around again eventually. But for now, here are a few of my favorite things from the 90s.


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