Lean on Us

This performance is for everyone in Houston, in Florida, in Cuba, in Mexico, in Barmuda, Saint-Martin and everyone affected by these horrible hurricanes and earthquakes happening around the globe. Everyone who has lost their belongings, their lifelong homes, their cars, their memories, their loved ones.

This is for everyone in Charlottesville and all over the world who is forced to endure discrimination, racism and hatred simply because of who they are or the color of their skin. Disabled, able-bodied, black, white, brown, Asian, gay, straight, transgender, bisexual, questioning, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Atheist, Agnostic…we are all created equal, we all deserve love and we all deserve to live in a world free of hatred. If you don’t believe the same, get the hell off my blog.

For Donations to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey:

Food Bank of Corpus Christi

Food Bank of the Golden Crescent 

Houston Food Bank

Southeast Texas Food Bank

San Antonio Food Bank

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Salvation Army



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