Inferiority Complex

A great reminder for me today…

Disability & Determination


One of the hardest life lessons I’ve had to learn, is understanding that people’s behavior towards us rarely has anything to do with us. Sounds silly I know, but we all go through life with the lens of our own perspective. That perspective is shaped and informed by years of experiences, hardships, struggles and joys. No two people have the exact same experiences throughout life so not all of us have the same perspective as one another.

When someone does something to disrespect you or belittle you, or says something that seems rude or mean-spirited, it’s seemingly impossible not to be offended by it or to take it personally. When it’s directed at you, of course you’re going to take it personally. The thing that’s super hard to remember, especially for me, is that that person’s behavior is shaped by their life experience or whatever may be going on in…

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