Disability is Not a Flaw


Here is something I’ve never said out loud before (ok, I’m blogging it, so I guess I still haven’t technically said it out loud):

I am not flawed because I have a disability.

Sure, I’m flawed. We all are. But my disability is not one of those flaws. It’s just a circumstance. A hand I was a dealt. Part of who I am, but certainly not all. It doesn’t make me less valuable, no matter what anyone might say. It doesn’t make me less attractive, no matter how much society might want me to believe that’s the case. It doesn’t make me “weird”. It doesn’t make me abnormal. It doesn’t separate me from everyone else.

I don’t have to try to get people to like me because I want them to overlook this thing about me that I’ve considered as something that’s “wrong” with me for a long time. I don’t need to try keep up with the Joneses so maybe my outward appearance will distract from my limp.

A disability does not equal a flaw or a problem. A hassle sometimes? Big time. But it is in no way a reflection of our worth.

I’ve let go of a lot this year…glad I could let go of that too.

photo credit: mclcbooks Colorado Sunrise via photopin (license)

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