On Food Delivery Apps


This may seem like a weird subject for a blog post, especially on my particular blog, but as I was waiting for my DoorDash order one day, it suddenly dawned on me how important and meaningful these delivery apps can be for people with disabilities. I can’t speak for everyone of course, but I know they’ve been important and meaningful for me.

Whenever I want to go out to eat somewhere (even just to grab food to go), I have to consider the following things:

a)       Parking

b)      Are there stairs?

c)       What’s the risk of my falling since I’ll be on my own and not able to get up?

A lot of times, these three things will be enough to dissuade me from going and getting food, especially c). I’ve had instances where I was just supposed to quickly go in and get food and I end up falling and not being able to get up or having anyone offer to help me.

So here’s where DoorDash and Postmates and all of those fun apps come in. They allow me to still have the food I’m craving or want, without the hassle of worrying about all of the risk factors. It removes the stress of having to deal with accessibility or parking issues.

Now I’m not saying I never want to leave the house to get food ever again, I still need to push myself to get out and not be afraid of what might happen. I’m also definitely not saying that by having these apps, businesses don’t have to be accessible, but it is a great option to have. And I know from personal experience, it’s removed stress in at least one area of my life.

I know I’m fortunate to be able to afford to use these apps from time to time and I do understand the slight creepy factor of having a stranger deliver food to your house. But sometimes, you just want to be able to enjoy a delicious meal you didn’t prepare yourself, without the hassle of wondering if you’re going to be able to find a place to park or worry you’re going to fall and hurt yourself.

Technology isn’t always a positive thing, but in this particular area, I’m grateful for the invention.

photo credit: marcoverch Shrimps-Salat in einem Teller via photopin (license)


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