Inadequate Representation

I’m an avid TV, movie, and music lover so I usually watch a lot of award shows. One of my favorites is the Golden Globes, which aired tonight in the States.

I was beyond touched and moved by so many of the speeches (Oprah for President, I mean…come on), but most of all, by the solidarity and love in the room for the equality movement that’s happening in Hollywood and across the globe right now.

Whenever I watch these types of things though, there’s always that part of me that’s a little disappointed. It’s so rare that the topic of disability is brought up in these conversations. Even tonight, I heard countless people mention race, religion, sexual orientation and gender. I stand behind every single one of those, but not once was disability mentioned as a part of that list. Discrimination and abuse of people with disabilities is still an issue that’s still so little talked about, and our stories are still so seldom represented or told in the mainstream media.

So while I feel very connected to and very much a part of movements like these…I am a woman who is part of a minority group after all…I still feel like society sees us as on the outside. We’re still the forgotten group. Sometimes if I wonder if our issues with equality will be the last to be addressed.

I stand with the Time’s Up Movement, the Women’s Movement and any other movement that promotes the equal treatment of fellow human beings. I just hope that they’ll do a little more to include people with disabilities as well.

Viola Davis made a very poignant quote on the red carpet before the show. She said, “you don’t have to earn being worthy. You are born worthy”. People with disabilities are worthy. We’re worthy of having our stories told and we’re worthy of being given equal treatment too. So, as I’ve said before…someday I hope to see someone who looks like me up on that stage receiving an award, or I hope to see a movie nominated that tells one of our stories (with an actor who actually has a disability).

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