On Asking for Help


This weekend I did something I didn’t think I would ever be able to do: I opened a bottle of Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) on my own. To most people, this doesn’t sound like an achievement probably. It’s likely something many people can do without even thinking about it. But for me, it was huge.

Opening difficult things is usually something I just can’t do because of my decreased strength levels as a result of having muscular dystrophy. I usually have to ask for help.

Which brings me to the next part of the story…I hate asking for help. But as someone with a disability who is unable to do a lot of things on my own, I often find myself needing to ask people for help. Help up a curb, help if I fall, help with carrying something heavy, help avoiding stairs. Help opening a bottle of sparkling wine 🙂

I can do a lot on my own and I try to do whatever I can on my own to try and hold on to whatever independence I may have. Knowing that if I end up on the ground, I can’t get up without help, only makes me want to do the things I can do even more. Unfortunately, sometimes that means I try to do too much on my own when I should just ask someone for help. I’ve tried to carry something too heavy and hurt my back. I’ve hurt my hand trying to open something with a tight lid. I’ve sat on the ground trying to get up on my own when I should be yelling for someone to help me.

It’s a delicate balance…one I haven’t quite figured out yet. With the bottle of bubbly, I had resigned to the fact that I was going to have to ask my roommate for help when she got home. But I took it out of the fridge, grabbed one of our handy jar grips, sat on the couch and with a few twists I heard that glorious pop noise. Even better, I didn’t break anything or spill a drop.

I know this one victory doesn’t mean I’ll never have to ask anyone for help again. I still need to be a lot less stubborn and a lot more open to asking people for help when I need it. I need to remind myself that asking for help doesn’t make me weak or any less independent, it just means I have to “get by with a little help from my friends” sometimes. Something I think that’s true for all of us in one form or another. It may not be something physical, but at some point in our lives, I think we all have a moment (or moments) where we need to ask for help.

But for now…I shall relish in the victory of opening a sparkling wine bottle on my own!

photo credit: Joe The Goat Farmer How to Earn Customer Loyalty By Focusing on Customer Experience via photopin (license)

4 thoughts on “On Asking for Help

    1. One of your posts actually inspired me to write this one! You were talking about having trouble asking for help and I realized just how much trouble I had with the same thing. And then I opened the bottle of bubbly and bam a post was born 🙂 Boy did I enjoy that bubbly too!

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