Notes from an Introvert – Part 3


Notes from an Introvert – Part 1

Notes from an Introvert – Part 2

Apparently I’m writing the Introvert Trilogy here. Maybe Netflix will pick it up.

I think a lot of times in our increasingly verbose world, being an introvert gets mistakenly associated with being anti-social. When in fact, introverts aren’t anti-social, we’re just selectively social. We live more in our heads than through our mouths.

I don’t think people realize how draining it is, or just how much it takes out of us, to have to talk in a professional setting, in a classroom setting, or even in a social setting sometimes. I obviously don’t have a lot of experience running marathons, but for my mind (and sometimes even my body), having to spend a lot of time in a day talking to people in one capacity or another, can leave me completely exhausted. Even with my own friends sometimes, not because I don’t have fun with them, but because I have to stop myself from over-analyzing what I said or feeling bad for saying this thing or that afterward.

Talking for us involves a lot of processing, a lot of thought…all things that can really drain a person. I imagine it can be how some salesmen feel, having to be “on” all the time. Having to force ourselves to be a little more extroverted or to talk a lot, because it’s not our natural state, can be super tiring.

So when there are days that we don’t feel like talking a lot, or when I have a day where I just want to come home and go to my room and watch a movie, it’s not because I’m anti-social, it’s just because I need time to regroup and recover from all the talking I had to do that day. Just like after a hard workout or even an injury, you have to give your body time to rest and recover. We introverts have to do the same with our minds after we’ve worked those out.

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2 thoughts on “Notes from an Introvert – Part 3

  1. Now I know the feeling of reading something that has been pulled straight out of my head. I feel like introverts are so often labeled “anti-social,” and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m very social, especially when I’m having a deep conversation with someone one-on-one (gosh those are my favorite moments!).

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