On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is what a lot of people refer to as a “Hallmark Holiday” — a holiday created solely to get people to buy cards and spend money. This is definitely true but I have to say, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really started to enjoy it.

That may sound weird coming from someone who is single, but my enjoyment of it comes from the fact that I am single. I can plan whatever I want for myself. Have a Galentine’s Day with friends. Treat myself to some wine or something I’ve been wanting to buy for a while. Watch a favorite show or movie.

There’s absolutely zero pressure or expectations. I don’t have to worry about what I’m gonna get him or what he’s gonna get me. I don’t have to buy a special outfit (who am I kidding…I still do that). I don’t how to wonder if how he treats the day means that I care more about him or vice versa. If we’re even on the same page about the day. I don’t have to make dinner reservations for some prix fixe dinner that books up months in advance.

A lot of these are obviously Valentine’s Day tropes. Everyone who is coupled up celebrates, or doesn’t celebrate it differently I’m sure. And I applaud people who relish the holiday and use it to show their significant others how much they care.

But for me, it’s just one of those holidays I’ve come to love as a great excuse to spend time with friends or with myself. I’ve done Valentine’s Day single and I’ve done it in a relationship and I prefer it infinitely more being single.

Every day of the year is a good day to celebrate yourself and to celebrate the ones you love, but I’m perfectly content with February 14th being one of those days also.

So whether you’re single, married, divorced, in a relationship, or anything in-between…Happy Valentine’s Day!

photo credit: pablocba 5-6-4 via photopin (license)

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