Self-Isolation: Day 18

I woke up today with news that my car wasn’t starting (I didn’t have it where I’m staying right now). I went from driving it everyday to only once in the last month and the battery was already old. Thankfully AAA was able to jump it and I was able to drive it to where I am so now I can drive it when I need to until we replace the battery. I can’t say how much of a relief that was. I think it’ll be a nice way to force me to get out of the house everyday too. There’s so many things you wouldn’t have to think about pre-virus that now we’re having to think about.

It was so weird driving today. The ads you see on the freeway now are for take out or drive thru virus testing. Parking lots are deserted. People in the cars next to you are wearing masks. It sounds dramatic, but it really looks like the end of the world sometimes.

Despite all of that, today was a much better day. These days, just the slightest bit of change in the routine is welcomed. My mom was able to get toilet paper too finally. Work has been super busy which is making the days fly by. I’m glad I’m able to do my full duties again and that we’re all making good progress through what we need to. It’s hard not seeing everyone everyday but we’ve started doing Zoom meetings so we can see each other and that’s awesome.

I miss my friends like crazy but we’re all doing a good job keeping in touch. I’ve had a lot of people check in on me and make sure I don’t need anything which is amazing. From a disability perspective, it’s weird to not have to worry about the social aspect of it so much anymore. I’m not going out so I don’t have the stress of falling or someone ask me about my limp or stairs. But I also need to prevent myself from getting too sedentary otherwise my sciatic nerve pain will come back. I’m still getting some intense shoulder and back pain from something as simple as getting out of bed too. I have to admit this whole isolation thing scares me for a lot of reasons, but a large part of that is my fear that this is what my life is going to be like when I’m older. I won’t have kids and may not have a spouse or significant other so I feel like this could be a glimpse into what could happen if my body starts to fall apart as I age.

That’s a super depressing topic that I’ll save for another time when there isn’t a global pandemic to worry about though. Hope everyone is safe and well.

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