Self-Isolation: Day 22

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 30 days of this new normal. In some ways it feels shorter, and in some ways it feels much longer. It depends on the day.

Though the majority of me still hates this, there’s a small part of me that I can feel is slowly starting to accept that this is how it’s going to for a while. That when it is finally safe enough for us all to go out of the house, it’s not going to be like the doors fling open and we can all go back to work and go wherever we want immediately. It’s going to have to be a gradual change.

Anger still grips me in some form everyday. If we had a leader who cared. If we’d made everyone masks right away. If some states who will remain nameless had not been careless and implemented stay-at-home orders way too late. It seems like there’s so many things that could have been done right away that might have made this less bad, led to less people losing their jobs…so many things.

I finally finished the giant, 500 page book I bought right before this all started. I started a new book that I bought a couple weeks ago and am almost done with that now too. I finished Stranger Things, something I’d had on my To-Do list perpetually for the last 3ish years. I’m now embarking on this Tiger King craziness everyone keeps talking about.

I got outside the past 3 days a lot more which was nice. I drove my car around a bit. This week has torrential downpours and storms on the way so there definitely won’t be any Vitamin D being had this week. I guess there’s no better time for some crappy, wet weather than when you’re stuck indoors. The sun just offers a positive respite for me sometimes.

The county we live in has now made wearing masks when you go outside mandatory. Thankfully I have some coming this next week, though I’m still not planning on going out much just like I’ve been doing.

I did some of the museum tours I kept telling myself I was going to do today too. I went to 2 museums in Amsterdam (including the Van Gogh museum that I would love to visit in person someday) and the Guggenheim.

Sending everyone love and hugs.

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