Self-Isolation: Day 5000

It’s safe to say I’ve now lost track of what day of social distancing and self-quarantining this is. I do know that next week will be week 7 of working from home.

A brief synopsis of what’s been going on these past few weeks:

  • The rain stopped and summer came out hard. It was 95 degrees (F) here yesterday and today. But I’ll take the sunshine over the gloom right now any day.
  • My car battery finally died. Having AAA come out, wearing masks, and trying to maintain 6 feet of distance through all that was challenging. No better time to have that happen then when I’m home and don’t have to drive into work though.
  • Made my first visit to a drive thru which despite the masks and gloves, felt like the most normal weekend thing to do.
  • I think I’ve finished 2 or 3 books since my last post. I read a lot before but am definitely enjoying the extra time to do it even more.
  • People all across the country (including my own state) are being idiots and protesting the stay-at-home order. California has been doing it the longest and it’s only been a little over a month. Never ceases to amaze me how big of whiners people can be, especially people from a certain demographic who support another well-known idiot.
  • I still have good days and bad days like anyone but I’m starting to accept that this going to be our way of life for a while. Until there’s a vaccine (which likely won’t be until next year), we’re just not going to be able to do a lot of things. It’s scary and it’s sad but if it’s what we have to do to keep people alive and flatten the curve, then it’s what we should be doing. People have been through way worse for much longer.

I’m fortunate to have my job, my parents, my health and theirs, money to put food on the table and to pay rent, and to not have to put myself on front line everyday like so many people have to. For the first time in my life, my disability isn’t something constantly on my mind (I know that’s not the case for many others in the community though and that this has created even more hardship for them). I’m not going out and doing things therefore I don’t have to worry about falling, or what new people are going to think of my limp, or how I get out of my chair. I’ve still hurt my neck and shoulder pretty badly but not as often as was happening when I was going out and doing things. My social life consists of Zoom calls and texts so I’m not so worried about saying or doing the wrong thing, or trying to force myself to talk to people more or anything like that. I still hope this thing gets figured out soon more than anything. For the sake of everyone who has lost their job, for small businesses that are flailing, for all of the medical workers, fireman, grocery clerks, store clerks, and delivery people who have so much more on their plate than anyone deserves to.

Thank you to everyone who is actually doing what they’re supposed to and giving a shit about other people. Please only use the bleach and disinfectant on outer surfaces and not on your insides.

Stay safe and well ❤

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