Self-Isolation: Pre-Week 9

Today was definitely a change from how the past 8 weeks were. I went from my parents’ house back to my own which was really really hard. It felt like time and I needed the change, but I know it’s going to be super difficult since these aren’t normal circumstances and I can’t just go back if want to.

I will say, being able to drive on two different freeways with no traffic in these parts was a miracle I was lucky enough to experience since whenever things do return to normal, that’s gonna go right out the window.

I went grocery shopping for the first time in 2 months and things have definitely changed. I’ve always hated grocery shopping anyway, but trying to do it when you need to stock up and trying to stay 6 feet away from people and all of that just makes it even harder. Shout out to all of the Trader Joe’s employees though. With everything they’re having to deal with, they were still super friendly and amazing like they always are. I spent way more than I ever have on groceries, and I still think I forgot stuff. I’m definitely going to try to do delivery as often as I can.

I had a super productive morning and afternoon unpacking everything and getting my working from home desk setup. I got to see my roommate’s two kitties that I missed a whole lot. Animals can make such a difference right now.

Since I haven’t been at this house since the quarantine started, I know it’s going to take some getting used to–not living the “normalcy” here that I had before. But I think it’ll be good. It almost feels “normal” because my idiot neighbors are having a bunch of people over for Mother’s Day. If they keep me up tonight like they usually do, it’ll really feel like nothing has changed. I love how people have just decided they’re over this whole thing after barely two months so they’re not even trying to protect their loved ones anymore. But as my good friend said, I can’t worry about what other people are doing. It’s draining me way too much. I’m gonna keep staying inside and hopefully away from anyone who isn’t being safe.

The new normal starts again…this time at my house.

Happy Mother’s Day all!

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