On a New Year, Part 2

It seems weird to write a post about accomplishing things during a year when it feels like I’ve done almost nothing but looking back, I’m proud of some of the things I did this past year, no matter how big or small. It’s officially 2021 now so it’s time for some positive reflection:

  • Figured out how to work from home – I’ve done some remote work in the past but never full time for this long. I didn’t think I could do it because I very much like having a separate office and home life (and my office life was frickin amazing), but I managed to figure it out and even find some positives about it.
  • Read 47 books – My original goal was 52 so didn’t quite make that, but I’m proud that with everything that happened this year, I got close and managed to read almost 50 books.
  • Made it through – There have been so many days since March when I wasn’t sure I would make it through even a day, forget an entire year. It was all too much to handle and didn’t seem like anything would ever get better. It definitely hasn’t gotten better, but but knowing I somehow mustered up the will to keep going and now here we are at 2021, makes me feel really good.
  • Took a class – I wanted to use the extra time I had to learn more about everything possible. I signed up for a free Harvard class on Hinduism and learned a whole lot.
  • I moved out of a place I lived in for 11 years and back to where I grew up – And moving is no joke. Thank god for my parents, movers, and The Container Store.

If I can manage to accomplish a few things during such a horrid year, I look forward to seeing what can happen in 2021, even if most of this year ends up being the same as the last.

I also want to use these posts to highlight something besides myself, since this is a time we really need each other, and a lot of people need help. I know so many of us are struggling financially right now, but for those of us who are in the very fortunate position to be able to give, I want to highlight some great organizations to donate to.

Here’s the 1st organization, Feeding America:

Happy 2021 everyone!

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