On Working Out

Working out has always been a sensitive topic for me. I’m not able to do a lot of the standard workouts. I can’t go to spin class or run on a treadmill at my local gym. I have a lot of internalized ableism I’m working through and a side effect of that is that my … More On Working Out

On Keeping Pace

I want to preface this post by saying that I know people with disabilities that use a wheelchair have an entirely additional set of circumstances and frustrations in the ways people interact or behave. What I speak to below is based only on my own personal experience. When you’re living with a disability there are … More On Keeping Pace

On Isolation

Isolation is a term that’s come up a lot in the last two years. But when you’re a person with a disability, it’s not just something that comes up at the onset of a global pandemic. For me, feeling isolated started pretty much from the moment I understood I was different from anyone else. From … More On Isolation

On Worth

I heard something tonight that knocked the wind out of me…in a good way: I have worth simply because I breathe the breath of humanity. To some people, this may seem like an obvious statement. To me, it was a brand new revelation; something that had never occurred to me before. I’m worthy simply because … More On Worth

On A Year Ago

A year ago today I made a change that I’d always wanted to make: I moved into my own apartment. I couldn’t really write about it the entire time because it felt unsafe to do so in such a public way when I was living solo but I can’t tell you how many times I … More On A Year Ago

Letting Go

I’ve been pretty tightly wound most of my life. Like I said in my last post, I wasn’t always like that. But as I let my experiences in the world chip away at and change me, that changed too. There are two moments that stand out the most significantly to me that I’ll share. Two … More Letting Go

On Self-Acceptance

I wasn’t always like this. I grew up as a fun-loving and even outgoing kid. Totally unconcerned with the world around me and what it thought. But at some point, I started letting the stares of other people in. The comments. The teasing. I started to look around and realize I wasn’t like my classmates. … More On Self-Acceptance

On Being Left Behind

I thought once I got my COVID vaccines that I could finally leave behind having to blog diatribes. But here we are, almost 2 years later and I still haven’t been given that opportunity. Today, California decided to lift the mask mandate altogether, for everyone, whether you’re vaccinated or not. The fact that this happened … More On Being Left Behind

On Apartment Hunting

I’ve talked many times on this blog about how certain things are much more difficult when you’re a person living with a disability. One of those things is apartment hunting. What I’m about to say will all be framed from my particular perspective. I can’t speak to what our entire community experiences because I know … More On Apartment Hunting