On Control

One relationship you become keenly aware of when you have a disability is your relationship with control. I have zero to little control over my body. Yes, my brain can tell my legs to move, my body to get out of bed. I’m very thankful for those things. I can control what I put into my body. … More On Control


I’ve been off the blogging spectrum for a little while now but there have been some really positive changes in my life as of late. The first being an amazing trip I took with my mom in September. We went on a tour that went to Nashville, Memphis, Natchez (Mississippi) and New Orleans with some … More Ch-Ch-Changes

Wasted Effort

I’m used to people talking about me. Yeah I wish it was in that Taylor Swift, trying to generate a lot of PR for my new album kind of way. I’m used to the whispers and stares that have happened my entire life when I walk by. I’m used to an entire crowd going silent … More Wasted Effort

Do This, Not That

This was a really great article I read today that rang very true. A lot of times when I get upset that people don’t try to help me up when I fall or even acknowledge it, people play devil’s advocate and say “well maybe they just didn’t want to embarrass you” or different versions of … More Do This, Not That