Tales From Killarney

I am writing this from a twin bed at a hotel in Killarney, Ireland. So far it’s been a great trip. I still feel like I’m in a movie sometimes. The country is just as green and beautiful as you would expect. The people are so vibrant and friendly. Dublin is a great cosmopolitan city … More Tales From Killarney

On the Road: Part 2

So I am officially off the road as of Monday and let me just say…wow. I saw some of the most beautiful places in this amazing country of ours. Places a photo doesn’t even do justice for. I met some great people, made some new friends. But most importantly, I feel refreshed and like an … More On the Road: Part 2

Travel Log: Seattle

So I just got back from an amazing trip to Seattle. It was one of those kind of spontaneous trips I’d spoken about in my last blog but because I was surrounded by people who genuinely care about me and have my best interests in mind, all of the “hard stuff” about travel because of … More Travel Log: Seattle

Things vs Travel

A coworker of mine said something to me the other day that caused me to start really looking at my life and my priorities. We were talking about trying to save money for travel and other “adult” things like a new car at the same time. He said, “That’s why I don’t have a lot … More Things vs Travel

The Olympics?

I put a question mark at the end of the title of this blog for a reason. I imagine when some people find out I love to watch the Olympics (especially the summer games) they might go “really…the Olympics?” As a girl living with muscular dystrophy who is completely unable to do anything even close … More The Olympics?