How It Looks

One of the main things I try to combat both in my daily life and on here is what the image of disabled person looks like. I most often talk about this in the context of not all people with disabilities having a wheelchair or assistance aid but there’s also another part to it. Our … More How It Looks

On Travel

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” – Mark Twain My relationship with travel has seemingly gotten more complicated as I’ve gotten older. I still love it and I make time and budget for it every year but it’s also a bit of a double edged sword. Travelling to other places reminds me of … More On Travel


If I could write a book entitled How to Prepare for Turning 30, here’s what it would say… I didn’t really think that when I got into my 30s, things would change quite so much as they have. I wasn’t that scared to turn 30. I didn’t feel that much of the “oh I’m now … More Ch-ch-changes

Moving Forward

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to talk about the election or not. There’s been so much coverage on it and I think we’re all more than a little bit tired of hearing about it. But the results have been important especially for those of us who are female and disabled and this is a … More Moving Forward


As I lie here awake at 10:45 on a Saturday night (this is how you know you’ve passed the age of 30 by the way, when that feels late on a weekend), I’m stewing about a dream I had last night. I don’t want to wake any of my friends up by texting them about … More Dreams

LEIA: How To Be Single

Originally posted on TAPE PARADE:
A couple of weeks ago I blogged about why I love being single. It was a weird one to write, because like so many of my blogs, I am completely oblivious to the fact that not everybody feels the same way. I assumed that everybody reaches the same conclusions after a…