A Little Girl

There is a little girl. A little girl who is shy. A little girl who is scared. A little girl who knows she is different and doesn’t want to be. She beats herself up each time she says the wrong thing…every time she does the wrong thing. Whenever she makes a mistake. Afraid to let … More A Little Girl

‘Dear No One’

I just watched Tori Kelly perform this song on Ellen today and wow…It’s rare I hear a song that moves me to tears but this one did so I had to post it. I won’t give much more explanation other than I felt like I could have written the song myself or like it was … More ‘Dear No One’

The Cafe Terrace

I was editing a novel for a friend the other night when I stumbled upon something I’d written in college for one of my Creative Writing classes. It’s a short story I wrote based around a famous Van Gogh painting called The Cafe Terrace. I have to say, after having read it again, it’s probably … More The Cafe Terrace