Inferiority Complex

One of the hardest life lessons I’ve had to learn, is understanding that people’s behavior towards us rarely has anything to do with us. Sounds silly I know, but we all go through life with the lens of our own perspective. That perspective is shaped and informed by years of experiences, hardships, struggles and joys. … More Inferiority Complex

Can You Hear Me?

I’ve noticed that lately I haven’t been feeling heard. I’m a pretty quiet person (except when I have a good, hearty, cackle laugh) and sometimes I mumble so I’ve grown up used to hearing “what?” after I say something to someone or being asked to repeat myself. As I’ve gotten older, it’s started to bug … More Can You Hear Me?


When I was in high school, we had these special classes every so often that were organized by our last names. I can’t remember what they were called or even what the point of them was really. I do remember something very vividly about the very first class though. The teacher was taking roll. As … More Eww