What is MD?

A coworker of mine who recently came upon my blog made a very good point the other day about a lot of my posts. He asked me what “MD” stood for. I write my blog with the probably mostly incorrect assumption that people have been reading along from the beginning, so I just started to … More What is MD?

On Speaking Up

I’ve talked about this in previous posts, but as a disabled person, you have to deal almost daily with the ignorance of others, with things not being accessible, and with people abusing things that have been put in place solely for disabled people. On top of that, when we do speak up, when things are … More On Speaking Up

On Control

One relationship you become keenly aware of when you have a disability is your relationship with control. I have zero to little control over my body. Yes, my brain can tell my legs to move, my body to get out of bed. I’m very thankful for those things. I can control what I put into my body. … More On Control


I’ve been off the blogging spectrum for a little while now but there have been some really positive changes in my life as of late. The first being an amazing trip I took with my mom in September. We went on a tour that went to Nashville, Memphis, Natchez (Mississippi) and New Orleans with some … More Ch-Ch-Changes

Lean on Us

  This performance is for everyone in Houston, in Florida, in Cuba, in Mexico, in Barmuda, Saint-Martin and everyone affected by these horrible hurricanes and earthquakes happening around the globe. Everyone who has lost their belongings, their lifelong homes, their cars, their memories, their loved ones. This is for everyone in Charlottesville and all over … More Lean on Us