Do This, Not That

This was a really great article I read today that rang very true. A lot of times when I get upset that people don’t try to help me up when I fall or even acknowledge it, people play devil’s advocate and say “well maybe they just didn’t want to embarrass you” or different versions of … More Do This, Not That

I <3 the 90s

Something kind of awesome has been happening lately…the 90s are back. Remember the teeny tiny backpacks? Yep those are back. The flannel shirt tied around your waist? Yep, that’s back too. The Backstreet Boys are performing again. Hanson is doing an anniversary tour. Sugar Ray, Everclear and Lit went on a summer tour last year. … More I ❤ the 90s

Inferiority Complex

One of the hardest life lessons I’ve had to learn, is understanding that people’s behavior towards us rarely has anything to do with us. Sounds silly I know, but we all go through life with the lens of our own perspective. That perspective is shaped and informed by years of experiences, hardships, struggles and joys. … More Inferiority Complex

Can You Hear Me?

I’ve noticed that lately I haven’t been feeling heard. I’m a pretty quiet person (except when I have a good, hearty, cackle laugh) and sometimes I mumble so I’ve grown up used to hearing “what?” after I say something to someone or being asked to repeat myself. As I’ve gotten older, it’s started to bug … More Can You Hear Me?