Customer Disservice

Lately I’ve been wanting to focus more specifically on the “what it’s like” aspect of living with a disability. Not so much about my personal stuff but actually trying to give people a more tangible idea of what the day-to-day is like for people with disabilities. So here is another thing about being born with a … More Customer Disservice

Just Like You

I saw this story on The Mighty via Twitter earlier this month and it really got me thinking. The paragraph about asking us if we need help when you see us struggling resonated with how I feel perfectly. It hurts much more when people pretend to ignore you. The part of the article that got … More Just Like You

How It Looks

One of the main things I try to combat both in my daily life and on here is what the image of disabled person looks like. I most often talk about this in the context of not all people with disabilities having a wheelchair or assistance aid but there’s also another part to it. Our … More How It Looks

The Invisible Ones

Here’s the thing about being disabled. You become a part of an invisible group whether you want to or not. Even if you’re very visible out in society. Even when people constantly point out your limp or ask about your wheelchair or ask about your disability…you’re still in an invisible group that society totally forgets … More The Invisible Ones


This may sound a little overdramatic… Almost 3 years ago now I was lying in a hospital room in the ER after a bad car accident. My dad hadn’t gotten there yet. I was lying on my back, neck brace and all, staring up at the ceiling. I think at this point they’d given me … More Ireland


I’ve made no secret of the fact that people acting inconsiderately or like flat out jerks to me or to other people really grinds my gears. Specifically when people cut in line or are impatient in general. It wasn’t until today that I realized that my hatred of such behavior doesn’t just come from that … More Behind

Lessons Volume III

There are a couple of very important things I’ve learned of late / am trying to remember to apply on a day-to-day basis. You can’t fight asshole with asshole: What does such a profane statement possibly mean you ask? It means I’ve come to realize you can’t always try to squash out people being assholes … More Lessons Volume III