When I was in high school, we had these special classes every so often that were organized by our last names. I can’t remember what they were called or even what the point of them was really. I do remember something very vividly about the very first class though. The teacher was taking roll. As … More Eww

Customer Disservice

Lately I’ve been wanting to focus more specifically on the “what it’s like” aspect of living with a disability. Not so much about my personal stuff but actually trying to give people a more tangible idea of what the day-to-day is like for people with disabilities. So here is another thing about being born with a … More Customer Disservice

Just Like You

I saw this story on The Mighty via Twitter earlier this month and it really got me thinking. The paragraph about asking us if we need help when you see us struggling resonated with how I feel perfectly. It hurts much more when people pretend to ignore you. The part of the article that got … More Just Like You