On Challenges

It’s safe to say that these last few months have been the worst mental health months I’ve had in a long time. Even worse than during the worst of COVID (who thought that could be possible?). Life has a way of not turning out the way you expected or hoped. It doesn’t mean there aren’t … More On Challenges

On Writing

Over the past year, during lockdown and staying home, I had plenty of time on my hands. I watched every show imaginable. Streamed every movie. I slept. I drank a lot of wine. I took a free online class to learn about Hinduism. But what I didn’t do was write. The amount of times I … More On Writing

On This Day, 2020

One year ago from Friday, I walked into my beautiful office for what I didn’t know would be the last time for a very very long time. I drove to work that day with a giant pit in my stomach. I wasn’t sure what this COVID thing really was yet but I had a feeling … More On This Day, 2020

On Inauguration Day

I’m gonna be honest (cause that’s a thing I do here), Joe Biden was about my 5th choice for president. He wasn’t progressive enough for me. The accusations of sexual harassment didn’t sit well with me. No matter if they were true or not, I’ve always made the choice to believe the woman in that … More On Inauguration Day