On COVID, Part 5000

There are a lot of reasons to care about COVID. It’s killing people, that alone should be enough. In my state alone, almost 9500 people have died now. The other part that’s getting a lot less exposure is what is happening when the hospitals get overwhelmed. As more and more people get the virus and … More On COVID, Part 5000

On Masks

This is something that I just sent to my local Board of Supervisors. They are refusing to enforce the state’s mask mandate, requiring everyone to wear masks (so are the sheriffs and police). Because many of us with disabilities can’t safely attend meetings, we are now able to send our comments to be read aloud. … More On Masks

On Who I Am

There’s one thing I’ve been immensely fortunate enough to gain with this pandemic and that’s time. Time to do all those projects I’ve been wanting to do. Time to relax and not have a never ending To-Do List or always having somewhere to be. More importantly though, I’ve had a lot of time to self-reflect, … More On Who I Am

On Ending Week 11

Well this was a challenging week on the mental health front. Every week it seems like something different comes up with COVID. I’m still very much feeling the pit in my stomach as I watch everyone start to go out and do things again. People have become fond of saying “I have to live my … More On Ending Week 11

On Day 73

I just asked my Irish-accented Siri how long ago March 13th was. The last day of “normalcy”, though it felt far from normal even though the lock-down wouldn’t go into effect until the next day. 73 days…wow. Things started reopening for the Memorial Day weekend here. There are still 2 more phases to go, but … More On Day 73

Self-Isolation: Week 8

Today was a tough one. It’s interesting to see how my emotions have morphed throughout this whole thing. I was completely overwhelmed with anxiety in the beginning. I didn’t know how this was ever going to end. Then eventually I just accepted that this is the new normal. Life is going to involve wearing masks … More Self-Isolation: Week 8