“Balance is a misnomer too – all balance requires wobbling.” – Kathy Kruger I just wanted to share this wonderful article¬†that I read on Tiny Buddha¬†yesterday. A lot of my blogs and thoughts lately have been focused around this idea of “balancing” everything and I think Kathy’s piece really hit the nail on the head. … More Balance

Balancing Act

So as my last entry indicated, I’ve been struggling with this idea of balance in my life lately…with trying to find the in-between. I guess it’s still a part of that wanting to have all the answers and be “perfect” that I’m working on letting go of. I read a quote on someone’s Facebook this … More Balancing Act

The Sweetness

My dad was having a discussion with the owner of the company he works for last week…a man who is practically like family (as is his own family to us) since my dad has been with the company for a very long time. They got on the topic of relationships and how they can sometimes … More The Sweetness