Living for the Good

I had a revelation after getting out of the shower this morning (yeah, probably didn’t need to share that much). I realized that at least part of the reason why I’ve been so angry and generally unhappy lately is because of my accident. Yes, I know you’re probably going “duh Jackie, you’ve been saying that … More Living for the Good

Life Begins Again

I’ve gone from posting no blogs for a long time to posting 3 in a matter of days…a car accident will do that to you. Tomorrow is my first day back to work and I have a lot of feelings running through me right now. I’m extremely grateful I was able to get a new … More Life Begins Again


Before I explain the picture you see to your left, I have to give credit for my blog title to the awesome tour operator for 18-35 year olds…Contiki. As some people may know already because I blasted it all over social media…I was in a pretty bad car accident yesterday. I was on my way … More #noregrets