On Challenges

It’s safe to say that these last few months have been the worst mental health months I’ve had in a long time. Even worse than during the worst of COVID (who thought that could be possible?). Life has a way of not turning out the way you expected or hoped. It doesn’t mean there aren’t … More On Challenges

On Travel

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” – Mark Twain My relationship with travel has seemingly gotten more complicated as I’ve gotten older. I still love it and I make time and budget for it every year but it’s also a bit of a double edged sword. Travelling to other places reminds me of … More On Travel

Down the Tunnel

There seems to always come a day when you start to finally accept your disability. When you start to accept yourself and focus on the positive. And then you find out you have a vision threatening ulcer on each of your eyes why? Because you can’t close your eyes fully every night because you have … More Down the Tunnel