I <3 the 90s

Something kind of awesome has been happening lately…the 90s are back. Remember the teeny tiny backpacks? Yep those are back. The flannel shirt tied around your waist? Yep, that’s back too. The Backstreet Boys are performing again. Hanson is doing an anniversary tour. Sugar Ray, Everclear and Lit went on a summer tour last year. … More I ❤ the 90s

Enough is Enough

This article happily appeared in my Inbox this morning. As I began to read it, I started to recall my own memories that shook my core and took away that self-assuredness I think we’re all born with. That innocent fearlessness that kids seem to have. Growing up with a disability, I think that fearlessness was … More Enough is Enough

A Little Girl

There is a little girl. A little girl who is shy. A little girl who is scared. A little girl who knows she is different and doesn’t want to be. She beats herself up each time she says the wrong thing…every time she does the wrong thing. Whenever she makes a mistake. Afraid to let … More A Little Girl