On This Day, 2020

One year ago from Friday, I walked into my beautiful office for what I didn’t know would be the last time for a very very long time. I drove to work that day with a giant pit in my stomach. I wasn’t sure what this COVID thing really was yet but I had a feeling … More On This Day, 2020

On Perspective

When you grow up in a world that doesn’t feel like it’s built for you, you’re going to inherently feel a certain way about things. People may not understand it. They may say you’re overreacting or being too dramatic, but this is our reality. I love to travel but everywhere I’ve gone, there’s been some … More On Perspective

Things Not to Say to a Disabled/High Risk Person During a Pandemic

Over the last 7 months, I’ve heard a lot of things in relation to the pandemic. Some have been said directly to me and some not. Either way, I wanted to compile a handy list of things people really shouldn’t ever say to someone who has a disability or who is high risk for COVID … More Things Not to Say to a Disabled/High Risk Person During a Pandemic

On COVID, Part 5000

There are a lot of reasons to care about COVID. It’s killing people, that alone should be enough. In my state alone, almost 9500 people have died now. The other part that’s getting a lot less exposure is what is happening when the hospitals get overwhelmed. As more and more people get the virus and … More On COVID, Part 5000

On Masks

This is something that I just sent to my local Board of Supervisors. They are refusing to enforce the state’s mask mandate, requiring everyone to wear masks (so are the sheriffs and police). Because many of us with disabilities can’t safely attend meetings, we are now able to send our comments to be read aloud. … More On Masks

On Who I Am

There’s one thing I’ve been immensely fortunate enough to gain with this pandemic and that’s time. Time to do all those projects I’ve been wanting to do. Time to relax and not have a never ending To-Do List or always having somewhere to be. More importantly though, I’ve had a lot of time to self-reflect, … More On Who I Am