The Dating Mirror

Dating has been a lot of things for me…a pain, stressful, elusive. It’s been a valuable learning experience. I’ve never really loved it, but I’ve definitely hated it. The hardest part of it all though is how much dating can act like a mirror. All of a sudden you feel like you can see all … More The Dating Mirror

I Quit?

I don’t really know why but I’m generally not one of those people who “won’t give up without a fight” or who sticks with something until it works out. I am fully able to quit and walk away from things I think I just won’t be able to accomplish (in my personal life of course, … More I Quit?

Dear Dating:

Please consider this as my official resignation. I am no longer interested in being involved with your organization. I am tired of being the girl that has something that a complete stranger has to decide if he’s equipped to “deal with” when I didn’t ask to be born with it. I no longer want to … More Dear Dating: