Things Not to Say to a Disabled/High Risk Person During a Pandemic

Over the last 7 months, I’ve heard a lot of things in relation to the pandemic. Some have been said directly to me and some not. Either way, I wanted to compile a handy list of things people really shouldn’t ever say to someone who has a disability or who is high risk for COVID … More Things Not to Say to a Disabled/High Risk Person During a Pandemic

How It Looks

One of the main things I try to combat both in my daily life and on here is what the image of disabled person looks like. I most often talk about this in the context of not all people with disabilities having a wheelchair or assistance aid but there’s also another part to it. Our … More How It Looks

To Be or Not To Be

I was thinking this morning about the different ways we can view and face our disabilities and what the “best” way to do that is. In my mind, there seem to be 2 schools of thought on the topic. School #1 calls for accepting that we’re different and embracing that we’re not like everyone else. … More To Be or Not To Be

Poky-ing Around

I noticed this article from Conde Nast Traveler on LinkedIn today. It seemed like an intriguing idea, especially since I had an international trip coming up and I work in travel. Then I got to one particular sentence part of the way through and I was floored: “Don’t let yourself get stuck walking behind someone poky.” This … More Poky-ing Around

The Weight of It All

I had a rather sobering realization a couple of weeks ago. I’ve always been slender, at some point too slender to the point I would get teased and called anorexic (which I think the photo pretty well demonstrates). I never really thought much about how my weight worked in conjunction with my MD, other than … More The Weight of It All


Someone asked me a really great question this week. She asked me if, when describing my MD, I ever told people I “suffered” from MD. I’ve been asked a lot of things about my MD in my short time on this Earth and I’ve thought and analyzed many many different aspects of it. This was … More Suffering