Self-Isolation: Week 8

Today was a tough one. It’s interesting to see how my emotions have morphed throughout this whole thing. I was completely overwhelmed with anxiety in the beginning. I didn’t know how this was ever going to end. Then eventually I just accepted that this is the new normal. Life is going to involve wearing masks … More Self-Isolation: Week 8


I’ve made no secret of the fact that people acting inconsiderately or like flat out jerks to me or to other people really grinds my gears. Specifically when people cut in line or are impatient in general. It wasn’t until today that I realized that my hatred of such behavior doesn’t just come from that … More Behind

Moving Forward

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to talk about the election or not. There’s been so much coverage on it and I think we’re all more than a little bit tired of hearing about it. But the results have been important especially for those of us who are female and disabled and this is a … More Moving Forward

Inward and Outward

I’m not very good at hiding how I feel on any given day, which is rather ironic because I’m not so great at actually talking about my feelings, especially with friends and family or in a relationship. If I’m having a bad day, pretty much everyone within a 100 mile radius can probably tell just … More Inward and Outward

Paying it Forward

My dad texted me this morning about something awesome that happened to him. He was at Starbucks behind a guy who bought 2 $10 gift cards. Said guy turned around, gave one card to my dad and one to the woman behind him and told them both to have a happy day. Reading his text … More Paying it Forward

Suffering Less

After having a bit of a roller coaster week, I looked to my favorite website, Tiny Buddha, for some guidance, and I found this… 7 Ways to Suffer Less I’ve read countless things on the site before…many of which have struck me in ways beyond description. But you know when you’re feeling all of these … More Suffering Less

Balancing Act

So as my last entry indicated, I’ve been struggling with this idea of balance in my life lately…with trying to find the in-between. I guess it’s still a part of that wanting to have all the answers and be “perfect” that I’m working on letting go of. I read a quote on someone’s Facebook this … More Balancing Act