The Unhot One

“Why date me anyway when you can date a girl that’s much hotter than me and doesn’t have a disability? Happens time and time again no matter what issues the guy might have. I don’t know why I even bother.” This was a text I sent to my friend this morning whilst (clearly) having a … More The Unhot One

The Hurt List

I did what might sound like an odd exercise over the weekend. I’d been having a lot of issues when it came to dating. Issues with myself. Deep seated distrust and even dislike of guys. I recognized how guarded I was on dates and how it only seemed to be getting worse. I couldn’t figure … More The Hurt List

The Good Guys

“Men are like parking spaces. All the good ones are taken.” This is one of the few posts that I feel like I’ll probably need to put a disclaimer in front of. What I’m about to say is merely my opinion. I’m not taking sides, placing blame (in fact, I’m trying to understand both sides), … More The Good Guys