Teachable Moments

So I think it’s probably abundantly clear by now that I do a lot of reflecting. Sometimes maybe to a fault. But I also think there’s those select few moments in our lives that really stand out, no matter how much older we might get. Sometimes those might be amazingly awesome moments and sometimes they … More Teachable Moments


A good friend from work had the fantastic suggestion a few weeks ago that I write about expectations and it just so happens that I was struck with the lightning bolt of inspiration today. I think it’s probably pretty evident by now that I have a lot of expectations for myself. I feel like I … More Expectations

Work In Progress

So this week was kind of a mixed bag of emotions. From finding out some sad news, thinking my car was having issues (yet again), finding out my car was fine, and feeling like I put my foot in my mouth several times, I’ve come to realize how much of a work in progress I … More Work In Progress

Walking the Walk

I’ve talked a little about this topic already…this idea that despite what I may write here, I’m not always this upbeat, positive person walking around spouting inspirational quotes. I’m also most certainly, not perfect (and I’m finally starting to be ok with that…progress!). Though my blog is still a tiny operation at this point, I … More Walking the Walk