On Worth

I heard something tonight that knocked the wind out of me…in a good way: I have worth simply because I breathe the breath of humanity. To some people, this may seem like an obvious statement. To me, it was a brand new revelation; something that had never occurred to me before. I’m worthy simply because … More On Worth

A Little Girl

There is a little girl. A little girl who is shy. A little girl who is scared. A little girl who knows she is different and doesn’t want to be. She beats herself up each time she says the wrong thing…every time she does the wrong thing. Whenever she makes a mistake. Afraid to let … More A Little Girl

I Am Me

Caring. Thirst for Knowledge. Passive Aggressive. High Expectations. Differently-Abled. Strong. Sensitive. Intolerant of Phoneyness. Stubborn. Unique. Giddy. Witty. Sarcastic. Introspective. Determined. Compassionate. Positive. The last couple of days, once I came out of the tear-filled rut I was clearly in (as you can tell from my last post), I started to try think of words … More I Am Me

Walking the Walk

I’ve talked a little about this topic already…this idea that despite what I may write here, I’m not always this upbeat, positive person walking around spouting inspirational quotes. I’m also most certainly, not perfect (and I’m finally starting to be ok with that…progress!). Though my blog is still a tiny operation at this point, I … More Walking the Walk