Letting Go

I’ve been pretty tightly wound most of my life. Like I said in my last post, I wasn’t always like that. But as I let my experiences in the world chip away at and change me, that changed too. There are two moments that stand out the most significantly to me that I’ll share. Two … More Letting Go

On Self-Acceptance

I wasn’t always like this. I grew up as a fun-loving and even outgoing kid. Totally unconcerned with the world around me and what it thought. But at some point, I started letting the stares of other people in. The comments. The teasing. I started to look around and realize I wasn’t like my classmates. … More On Self-Acceptance

On Being Me

I haven’t been very happy with myself lately. I’m not happy with my body or the weight I’ve gained. I look back at old photos and I don’t wish I was the 90-98 lbs I was for a lot of my youth because that was too skinny (hence why I’m now addicted to fast food … More On Being Me

Inferiority Complex

One of the hardest life lessons I’ve had to learn, is understanding that people’s behavior towards us rarely has anything to do with us. Sounds silly I know, but we all go through life with the lens of our own perspective. That perspective is shaped and informed by years of experiences, hardships, struggles and joys. … More Inferiority Complex